Ink Busters Tattoo Removal



Kelly from Lawton, Oklahoma had a three month old amateur tattoo across her chest she needed to remove. She bought our TCA and got to work. She tells us… “Then after the fourth treatment it was completely gone with the exception of a tiny little grayish blue area under my skin. But i figure one more treatment and that will disappear to or hopefully it will fade soon.” She went on to say… “This was definitely worth it to me.” Thank you Kelly from Lawton Oklahoma.


Bonnie from El Paso, Texas had a three year old amateur armband tattoo she wanted removed. She bought our TCA and after eight applications this is what she told us… “I love this product! I’ve had another tattoo removed with lasers and it was very costly and painful. I found this product doing research on line. I used it and got the same results and saved alot of money! I recommend this to everyone!! Thank you!!” Thank you too Bonnie from El Paso, Texas.


Fact: In 2006 two friends from Wyoming start removing their ankle bracelet tattoos at the same time. One chooses laser, the other TCA. One year later the one getting laser treatments buys TCA from us because her friend’s tattoo is already gone and hers isn’t. Her doctor said the TCA probably worked better because of the relative lack of blood flow and tissue in the ankle region. We’ve read similar stories elsewhere online.

Fact: You can buy TCA online cheaper than for what we sell it here but the instructions you’ll receive will pertain to facial peels. Generating a body peel is more complicated than a facial peel. With your purchase you get two pages of step-by-step instructions/explanations specific to using TCA to remove tattoos on the body. In addition to the instructions/explanations, you can also call or email us with any additional questions you may have. Here at, we believe our expertise and technical support in TCA tattoo removal is unmatched and well worth the few extra dollars for our TCA.

Fact: Most people with unwanted tattoos can’t afford laser tattoo removal surgery. TCA gives us a medically proven solution to tattoo removal that can be done in the privacy of our homes and at a cost affordable to most people. You can visit your favorite search engine to read the medical reports encouraging the use of TCA as a safe, simple and effective way to remove tattoos. You’ll discover it doesn’t have to cost more to remove a tattoo than it does to have one applied.

Fact: Laser tattoo removal generates a controlled inflammation to the surface of the skin above the tattoo using heat. TCA generates a controlled inflammation to the surface of the skin above the tattoo using a chemical. Both work. TCA is the gentlest and least painful way known to remove tattoos.

Fact: If you’re considering laser tattoo removal you can reduce the cost by up to 60% by fading your tattoo first using TCA. Fewer visits to the doctor’s office mean lower costs and less pain. You may find that TCA by itself will remove your particular tattoo completely. In the two studies mentioned earlier TCA was successful in removing tattoos 85% of the time. The remaining 15% got radical fades.

Fact: TCA is not recommended to remove permanent makeup tattoos around the eyes and lips. When used as a facial peel the latter areas are carefully avoided for obvious reasons. You might visit your favorite search engine and query the word “Rejuvi” to learn more about removing permanent makeup tattoos. does not sell TCA for use on the face, head or front of the neck.